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Our History

The Benefit Health System Story

Benefit Health HistoryFounded in 1898 by a handful of local doctors, Benefit Hospital was established to meet both the needs of the rural farming community as well as the growing metropolitan area.  The original facility, built along the Cedar River, was a small, two-story building located on two acres of land just outside the city limits. 

Growing by size and services

Over the years, Benefit Hospital grew in both size and services, evolving into a regional medical center serving residents from across eastern Iowa. In 1972 a tornado devastated the original facility; fortunately, no patients or staff was injured. The debris was cleared and a new, state-of-art hospital was built in its place.

Extending our communities 

In 1989, Benefit Hospital and Valley View Hospital, which served the adjacent community of Marion, merged to create Benefit Health System. The two hospitals were then renamed Benefit Hospital East and Benefit Hospital West, noting that they are on the East and West sides of the Cedar River. 

There have been numerous expansions and remodeling to the original facility, including the addition of the Women's Center in 2001, our family-friendly Birth Center in 2003, and our state-of-the-art Surgery Center in 2007. 

Why Choose Benefit Health?

Selecting a healthcare provider is a tough decision and every hospital is different. If you’re looking for the very best health care delivered in a safe, compassionate environment, you’ll find it at Benefit Health.

Patients just like you turn to Benefit Health for the best care in the region.