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Cancer Treatments

Get comprehensive treatment for cancer at Benefit Health. You’ll receive specialized cancer treatments that follow your doctor’s recommendations for the type and stage of your cancer. Feel confident that your personalized care will come from an established cancer care team with years of experience working with cancer patients.

Your Cancer Care Plan

Expect high-quality care and services when you choose cancer treatment at Benefit Health. Your cancer care team at Benefit Health will tailor your treatment plan to fit your diagnosis, specific cancer treatment needs and personal preferences.

Cancer Treatments

To treat your cancer, you may need one or more types of cancer treatments. Rely on Benefit Health to provide cancer treatments or a combination of treatments including:

  • Chemotherapy – Uses medicines given orally or through a vein (intravenous (IV) infusion) to stop your cancer from spreading or get rid of your cancer
  • Immunotherapy (biotherapy) – Helps boost or restore your immune system to treat and help fight your cancer
  • Radiation therapy – Kills, shrinks, or stops the spreading of your cancer cells by using targeted high-energy waves


Your cancer doctor may recommend surgery to remove your cancerous tumor as the first line of treatment, or in combination with other cancer treatments. You’ll find the type of cancer surgery you need and exceptional care to help you recover at our hospital.