Early stages of heart disease are often silent. But they’re when treatment works best. Schedule a fast, painless scan to see if your arteries put you at higher risk of a heart attack or other cardiac problems. Your doctor will use the results to help you stay in good health—and maybe even save your life.

Do I need a heart scan?

Take advantage of our simple, $49 screening if you’re:

  • 30–45 years old with two or more heart disease risk factors
  • Older than 45 with at least one heart disease risk factor
Risk factors

Heart disease risk factors include:

  • Diabetes
  • Family history of heart disease
  • High blood pressure
  • High cholesterol
  • Inactive lifestyle
  • Obesity
  • Smoking

What to expect

You don’t need to do anything special to prepare for the test. Just come to a Benefit Health Outpatient Imaging location at your appointment time. We’ll help you get comfortably in place on a computed tomography (CT) table, and then the scanner will take pictures for 10–20 seconds. You’ll get back to your day within 15 minutes.

Your results

Expect a score from zero to 400+ indicating how much calcium buildup has hardened or narrowed your arteries. Low scores mean a low risk of heart disease—and peace of mind for you. High scores mean it’s time to talk to your doctor about how to reduce your chance of a heart attack.

Get your screening

Schedule your screening

We’ll get back to you within one business day.

Screening locations near you

It’s easy to get a heart disease scan at one of our many convenient imaging centers in the Cedar Rapids area. After you contact us, we’ll ask your preferred location to schedule an appointment.

Benefit Heart Center

932 2nd Street, Cedar Rapids, IA 52402

Benefit Hospital West

2620 Edgewood Road SW, Cedar Rapids, IA 52704

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I exercise daily, so I assumed my heart was fine. But my screening results told my doctor I needed to start medicine right away. She said I may have helped prevent a heart attack.

Mike Carpenter, 63

The test was so easy. Even though my results showed I’m at low risk, I feel better knowing I got checked out. I want to do everything I can to stay around for my kids as long as possible.

Jennifer White, 41


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