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Success Stories

Meet Larry Hansen, open heart surgery patient

After some thoughtful reminders from his wife of 35 years and putting it off long enough, Larry Hansen signed up for a routine heart screening at Benefit Health System. The 55-year-old father of two and avid golfer eagerly awaited the arrival of his first grandchild. And, as his wife Sheila pointed out, he’d better be around to welcome the new bundle of joy.

A quick and easy screening revealed a blocked artery —so Larry scheduled an open heart surgery at Benefit Health System to repair the heart valve.

“Things happened so fast after they found the clogged artery,” recalls Larry. “I didn’t even have time to be nervous. My doctor and the team explained everything to my family in terms we could understand. We knew we were in good hands.”

After surgery, Larry joined Benefit Health Systems’ comprehensive cardiac rehabilitation program. Through guided exercise and education, Larry recovered quickly. Now, he has the knowledge he needs to maintain better health and reduce the risk of future heart problems.

Larry traded in his golf clubs for a stroller and spends his spare time at the park with his new grandson Carter.

“I can’t believe how much more energy I have. I was tired before and didn’t even realize it. I’m so thankful Benefit Health System was able to get me going in time for Carter’s arrival. I’m blessed to be part of his life. And we’re all blessed to have Benefit Health System as our hospital.”

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