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Pregnancy Success Stories

Meet Mariela and Lora

Thanks to Benefit Health System, Lora came home a healthy baby girl.

- Mariela

Tony and Mariela had some anxious moments when baby Lora arrived nine weeks early. Mariela experienced a low-risk pregnancy and hadn't considered the possibility of delivering early. When her contractions started to get closer together, she was still six weeks out from her due date. She didn't waste any time asking husband Tony to drive her to Benefit Health West.

Lora made her debut shortly after Mariela and Tony arrived at the hospital. Due to her premature birth, Lora spent some time in the NICU.  Thanks to Benefit Health System’s neonatal team, led by Dr. Brittany Asch, MD, FACOG, the whole family is thriving today.

"It’s been such a blessing to have a facility like Benefit Health West close to our home. Our daughter spent a couple of weeks in the NICU. During that time, we were very fortunate to have such an exceptional care team. We got to know our doctors and nurses really well and knew they were providing the very best care for our little girl.

“Today Lora’s  growing and growing. She’s such a happy little baby. It’s hard to image she was so tiny when she was born.

“We are so grateful to Benefit Health West and all they provided for our family.”

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